CLY Jewelry Titanium Steel Stylish Bracelet Fashion Design Medial ID Health Bracelet for Men Women Wrap Purple CiODTLM3F

CLY Jewelry Titanium Steel Stylish Bracelet Fashion Design Medial ID Health Bracelet for Men Women Wrap Purple CiODTLM3F

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Made of quality TS. Light weight with smooth surfaceDurable stylish for daily wearing

Titanium is highly resistant to corrosion from sea water and chlorineand it is an alternative that have skin reactions with other types of metals

Common reasons for wearing Medical Identification Jewelry are

- Physical allergies including insect bitespollensfood types or others

- Physical Conditions including Heart ConditionsSeizuresPulmonary Conditions (Asthma/COPD)

- Medical Allergies including DrugLatexChemicaland People taking multiple medicines

- Medical Conditions including DiabetesHypertension (HTN)Stroke riskidiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)Special needs childrenAutismand Alzheimer...etc.

- Emergency contacts

The importance to wear Medical ID bracelet

- Medical ID Jewelry provides for a quick recognition of medical conditionsallergiesmedicationsor treatment wishesand it can faster and more effective medical treatment.

- Medical ID bracelets reduce treatment errors which may result from not having a patients health record during an emergency situation or upon hospital admission

- A medical ID speaks for you in the event of an emergency if you become unresponsive

- Medical identification can save lives by providing first responders critical health information in an emergency.

The Perfect Gift for Yourself or a Jewelry Gift for Person You Love for All Ages.

Best Gift for Your Love Ones! The Most Stylized and Beautiful Jewelry Ever!

This ideal gift for any holidaypurpose

Gift for Valentines DayMothers dayFathers DayBirthdayChristmasThanksgivingAnniversary Memorial Day etcetera

DESIGN CONCEPT "Be youthe world will adjust. a simple design of titanium bracelet which can bring out your minimalist spirit.
ULTIMATE QUALITY This beautiful bracelet is made of highly qualified titanium steel. No worries for allergic or rust.
GREAT CHOICE FOR GIFT This bracelet is lovely and perfect for everyday wear. Perfect Gift For Your MomFatherGrandmaGrandfatherFriendsLoved One Or a Special Treat For Yourself.
Idea of Medical ID Bracelet For emergency casemedical ID bracelet can provide a quick recognition of your medical conditionswhich leads to faster and proper care in the event of an emergency situation.
PRODUCT SIZE 8.07 inches

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